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Jinju Church Christmas DAY 2018

11AM on Christmas Day, traditional service of Lessons and Carols. We will remember the story of the Christ Child and celebrate together.

Jinju Church 2016

This year Jinju Church English Service is not running Korean language classes. Anyone attending the International Christian Fellowship at Jinju Church is invited to gather after lunch for hot drinks and discussion about the Bible.

Jinju Church Baptisms

This Sunday, Jinju Church English Service will celebrate four baptisms. The International Christian Fellowship at Jinju Church will celebrate four new members joining God’s Kingdom on 8 February 2015. The baptism will be part of the English church service at 11am.

Jinju Church Cleaning

Starting at 10am on Saturday, Jinju Church is going to get a deep cleaning. Brothers and sisters are going to scrub floors and clean windows and polish metal. When we are done, our International Christian Fellowship area will be shining with a bright light.

Easter 2014

Easter Sunday service to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at 11am.

Christmas Play Video

The video from the Christmas Play is now available on our Youtube channel.

Christmas Carols

We’ll join the people of Jinju out on the streets singing carols on 22 December, from 4pm to 6pm behind Woori Bank. Hope many people come and bring their voices and musical instruments.

Christmas Day at 11am join us for a traditional service of nine lessons and carols in English.

Charity Concert

Top local Korean and foreign musicians will perform. Raising money for surgery for Sarang, to straighten and strengthen her spine so she can get rid of her brace. Admission 10,000 won. Friday 6 December at 8.30pm in Vision Center Theatre of Jinju Church. Tickets available on the door.

Bazaar to raise more money. Clothes (and more) bring-and-buy sale on Saturday 7 December in the car park. Open all day 10am to 5pm.


A great BBQ is planned for Thursday 15 August to bid farewell to members leaving for other countries after spending a number of years in Jinju.

Cell Groups

Now that the weather is nice, the cell groups are planning a joint BBQ. Everybody who is in a cell group will be there, as well as those who would like to be in a cell group. Diary Date: 6 June.

Spring Outing

We are off to see spring in the country this Saturday. Looks like we missed the best of the blossoms, but still a lot of nice stuff to see and gorgeous weather.

Jinju Church update

Volunteering starts again on 26 January. With the new year now begun all of the cell groups are getting back into action and some new groups have started. We urge and exhort everyone to join one of the mid-week groups. There are daytime and evening groups on various days, so we are sure you can find a comfortable place somewhere. Talk to Simon about joining a group.
The leavers party is set for 23 Feb. This is a sad time when we bid farewell to those brothers and sisters moving on to God's next task. But we look forward to the English speakers arriving in Jinju who will be looking for a place to call their spiritual home. Jinju International Christian Fellowship would love to see you.

Day of Prayer

21 October 2012 at 7pm. Evening service in the main Korean-speaking congregation is the special devotional service for the English-speaking congregation. We will lead the servvice and our pastor will preach the sermon in English.

Singing Contest

Singing contest winning team

Much to our own surprise, our team won the church-wide song contest on 07 October. It was great fun and we hope a testimony to God.

Day of Prayer

11 August 2012. A day of prayer. We will go away into the countryside and spend time talking, thinking, meditating and praying for the church. We hope you can come with us.


God is good and merciful. So far the monsoon rains, which the farmers really need, have not washed out our Sundays. But in truth we need to pray for rain as Korea is having its worst drought in over 100 years.


April 14 visit to Dinosaur Expo with spring blossom viewing. Leave from church at 8.30am. Tickets 10,000krw each. There will also be expenses such as admission. Free lunch.


Good Friday service at 7pm. 6 April.

Easter Sunday service with communion at 11am, followed by lunch. 8 April.


Traditional nine lessons and carols service at 11am on Christmas Day. Potluck lunch to follow.

Jinju Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous meets every Sunday at 2.30pm (except the third Sunday of the month). Take the elevator to the sixth floor, room 603, of the Jinju Church annexe (Vision Center) in Bongrae Dong.

North Korea

Sunday 9 October a North Korean Christian will give testimony in the 11am service. We shall have time for open discussion with our guest after lunch.

Another North Korean comes to Jinju on 29 October to testify in public at GNU Global Cafe at 2pm. This event will also be a fundraiser for North Korean orphans, to buy coal to heat their orphanage through the winter. There will also be entertainment by local musicians.

Summer Picnic

When the crowds have left we are going to the beach. The weather will be perfect for a trip to Sangjo Beach on 3 Sept, join us for a fun day.

Spring Blossom Outing

Off to Namhae to view the cherry and other blossoms on Saturday 9 April.

Prayer Day

We had a great time in the countryside with God. Came home deeply refreshed.

Online Video now live

We have created a video page here Online video

Christmas Day

The generous people at our Christmas Carol service gave 405,000 Korean won. This money will go to Helping Hands, a Seoul-based charity assisting North Koreans.

Prayer Day Report

We had a great day. Hope you like the video.

Day of Prayer

On Saturday 13 November we shall go away up into the mountains for a day devoted to prayer and worship. We'll spend time meditating upon how awesome our father God is. We shall spend time raising our voices in praise and crying out in prayer. We'll ask Father God for guidance and seek to draw closer to him.

It will be a day for letting his spirit wash us clean, and filling our hearts and minds with his presence. It will be wonderful. And you are invited.

Australian Visitors

On Sunday 3 October we had an exciting visit from the grandchildren of the first missionaries, who brought the gospel to this part of Korea.

It was absolutely wonderful to have this link with the recent past, with the people who started the church in the city of Jinju. And who brought Christianity to this part of Korea. It was great to see how the memory of what their forebears did and how much they sacrificed was honoured by the Korean Christians. It was also sobering for those from long-established Christian nations to be reminded how recently this happened.

New Groups

We are starting a Bible Study group (home group, cell group) on Thursday evenings at 6.30. This is in addition to the Bible Study on Sunday after lunch.

We are also trying to start a mid-week morning group for all the people who work in the evenings.

Please let the pastor know if you would like to be part of any of these groups.

Chusok Holiday

We are planning a couple of get-togethers for any expats in Jinju over the Chusok break 21-23 September with a trip to Jinju Castle and a picnic at Jinju Lake.

Service Time Change

From September we start at 11.10am. Apologies to everyone who struggles with the journey to church.

BBQ at Jiri-san

Great BBQ on Saturday 14 August with swimming and lots of food.
BBQ group photo

Wild Ginseng Festival

Jinju Church members went to Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival at the end of July, and had a great time exploring the area.
Wild Ginseng Festival
Wild Ginseng Festival Wild Ginseng Festival

We are planning more outings so keep your eyes out and join us if you can.

Vision Hall

Jinju Church has begun work on an education centre it calls Vision Hall.
Jinju Church Vision Hall

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