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Jinju Church was born in 1905, and it happened like this.

In 1902 the Presbyterian Church in Australia sent a medical missionary team to Busan. One of the doctors on that team was the Belfast-born Hugh Currell. After two years in Busan, Dr Currell saw a great need in Jinju. At that time the city had no hospitals and no church.

On 20 October 1905 he moved to Jinju, population 40,000, with his wife and two daughters along with support staff of five Koreans.

Not one to waste time, he started the first church in Jinju on 5 November and a hospital had been opened for the many in need. This is now Jinju Church, having survived Japanese persecution and a devastating fire during the Korean war.

English-language services began here on 3 February 2008.

The current full time pastor arrived with his wife in July 2010.

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